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I’ll be staying in my property while it’s on the market. My property has some furniture in it. Can we use it for the Staging?

Yes! Anything in great condition that you have to lend into the Staging process helps your budget. If you have a lot of furniture and are on a budget, you may want to consider our DIY consultation services. They work just as well as our vacant services.

What is the typical average price of your Staging projects?

Every property is unique and so are their Staging proposals, but in general we can Stage a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom around 1600 sq ft for about $4,500- $5,000 for a 30 day initial run extended to 90 days (to prevent future monthly billing) Exterior Staging would be additional and depending on the season we are installing in. Each additional bedroom beyond the 3/2 combo generally starts at $500 extra per bedroom.

Where do you get your inventory from? How big is your warehouse?

Everything in our inventory collection has been hand curated by the Owner, a studied Interior Designer and Southern CA Staging Pioneer. It is stored in Hawaiian Gardens in a 4,000 sq ft warehouse. Feel free to make an appointment for a tour of our operations! We’d love to show you the magic behind how we work!

How fast is the proposal and contracting process? From contract how soon can you Stage?

We are known to be the “Fastest Stagers in the West” and can realistically preview a property and let you know on the spot all your Staging plan options. From contract to installation can be 24- 48 hours pending funding. The installation process is conveniently contained into one business day unless we have an unforeseen interruption.

What is your favorite part of your job and what is your least favorite?

This is easy. I absolutely love installs. That’s where the magic happens and everything I have envisioned in my dreams becomes a reality. I love seeing a house come together in a beautiful way.

Easily the least favorite part of my job is the commute back and forth to the property site. That’s it… that’s the worst. LA traffic can be more torturous than waterboarding. I get anxious and think about all the time we’re wasting in traffic when we could be making a house look jaw droppingly beautiful. Then on the way home I really just want a beer and a hot shower.

How far will you travel for a project?

Will travel for work! Check out our handy service region map.  You can always contact us with your request too.




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