The Mitered Seating Arrangement

When Staging a dining room with a square or round dining table, I often “miter” the seating arrangement of the chairs to open up what the Buyers can view.  When placing the seating arrangement around a round or square table, we position the chairs into an “x” formation rather than a “+” arrangement.  This way when the Buyers enter into the dining room, they can see not only the chair arrangement, but they can also see the deck of the dining table and the placesettings you have Staged on the table.  Mitering the seating arrangement also allows room for more furniture, creating an expansive feeling.  See photo BELOW for an example.  Here we have the round dining table placed in the dining space, waiting for the chairs to be installed.  There is no buffet in the photo below, just the table.

Here is a photo of a straight fit or “+” seating arrangement.  (BELOW)  Notice how the seating cuts off the centerpiece of the dining table.   Your view is of the back of a dining chair…  There is no extra room for a buffet table or anything else to be added.


Now let’s try a mitered seating arrangement.  (BELOW) Notice how the chairs, displayed in the mitered or “x” position, open up the view to the center of the table.  You can see the place settings and the centerpiece.  There is even more room for you to add a buffet table under the mirror (it’s kind of hard to see in this photo, but we added a buffet behind the dining table) …the mitered seating arrangement offers more to view within the same photograph!


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